Re: [Evolution] Evolution 2.24 + clamav

To end the subject i just want to say that i don't understand why
evolution doesn't have a wizard/script by default to integrate a
antivirus solution..... Many people that use linux systems have to
interact with other OS's and if the linux system allows to pass non
secure files it is not considered secure to interact with the other OS's
or the company network, at least that is what i had to hear from the IT
Manager and i think he as a point.....

I *personally* think your IT manager has missed the point.  I run mail
systems in an heterogeneous environment - *I* don't have any antivirus
running on my own personal Linux boxes, but what I do have is
anti-virus, anti-trojan, anti-spam, anti-whatever running on my mail
servers.  I of course have antivirus running on all my MS PCs, but I
wouldn't rely on that to form the basis of threat management within my
email environment.  All mail, whether external or internal, should be
scanned for viruses at the mail server, that's the only way to ensure a
clean mail environment.


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