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Qui, 2008-12-04 Ãs 08:47 -0500, Reid Thompson escreveu:
On Thu, 2008-12-04 at 13:31 +0000, Josà Carlos Martins wrote:
Hello to all

It is my first time that i use a mail list, so, if i'm not doing things
the right way please advise.
I use Mandriva 2009.0 with Gnome and Evolution. I was a long time user
of Kde so in some things i fill a bit "lost".
I have tried to create a filter to allow my incoming mail's to be scaned
by clamav (clamscan or clamdscan) but with no success.
I searched the archives of the list and there are a few posts about this
but they are very old and, because of that, i think, i had no success
with those tips.
I tried to find a solution in the Mandriva forums but they told me that
it was not possible unless i created a mail server or switched to kmail.
So my question is:
Is it possible to scan incoming mail with an antivirus in Evolution?
If yes how can i do it?

Thank you all for the attention

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Since I was fooling around with ruby at the time, I setup a filter to
utilize a ruby script with clamav...  You could substitute another
language/api in place of ruby.

You probably would also want to comment out the logging functionality,
as it will eat up lots of space over time unless you cron a job to keep
the logdir under control...

rthompso raker ~/bin $ cat rubyclamav.rb 
require 'socket'
fp ="/var/log/rubyclamav/rubyoutclam_#{}.log",
sendSock ='/var/run/clamav/clamd.sock')
#sendSock ='/var/run/clamav/clamd.ctl')
retStr = sendSock.gets
tag, val = retStr.split
sendSock1 ='localhost',"#{val}")
#res = $
retStr = sendSock.gets
#puts "#{retStr}"
fp.write("ProcessTime = #{pt}\n")
if retStr.match("FOUND") then
        system("zenity --warning --title=\"Evolution: Virus detected\"
--text=\"#{retStr}\" &")
    exit 1
    exit 0

Well, i can't make it work.
Any advise?

Thank you

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