Re: [Evolution] Evolution 2.24 + clamav

Josà Carlos Martins wrote:

I just had to change some paths and all is well as you can see.
I am sorry that my lack of knowledge gave you so much trouble and
No trouble -- glad to be of help.
Before i registered myself in the Evo mailing list i tried other scripts
with no luck but i remember that in one of them all the script had to be
typed not copied or else it would not work.
...depending on how and where copy/paste occurs, sometimes hidden control characters end up in places they shouldn't
Mr. Reid, you are a excellent example of what the OpenSource community
is all about, believe me when i say i was starting to get in trouble
with my company because of that.... a few trojans slipped by to
which trojans.... and just wondering why their email server and their anti-virus did not block them -- forgive me, but to me that sounds like a failure on their part, not yours -- I'm assuming that the trojans did not infect you???
I would like to have your permission to post, giving you all the credit
of course, your script in the forums in wich i participate.
you have my permission, but the credit goes to others -- I'm pretty sure I based what I setup off of something that I found via Google or referenced in the Evo mailing list ( iirc it was a python script; since I was playing pretty heavily with ruby, I implemented my version using it )
Better would be if you had a blog  or webpage in wich you could provide
the script and send me the link.
OK -- per your suggestion
direct link to post:

main link to blog:
To end the subject i just want to say that i don't understand why
evolution doesn't have a wizard/script by default to integrate a
antivirus solution..... Many people that use linux systems have to
interact with other OS's and if the linux system allows to pass non
secure files it is not considered secure to interact with the other OS's
or the company network, at least that is what i had to hear from the IT
Manager and i think he as a point.....

Very greatfull to you

PS: Sorry my poor English
You're welcome -- and your English is fine.

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