Re: [Evolution] Evolution-list Digest, Vol 40, Issue 42

On Mon, 2008-12-01 at 13:07 -0500, steven sprague wrote:
So I wonder?

     1. Is there a way to set a global to pull all contacts from my ldap
        directory? If so I could then sort by my "new category".
     2. Can I write an expression to pull contacts from ldap contacts
        with "new category" in them?

what's your Evolution version, please?

You can choose to browse the LDAP address book in Preferences of the
book, on the second tab, since 2.24.

The other issue, new category not shown in the rule editor even after
restart, there is quite old bug for that here:

I thought the sync of the 'Show' menu is already done, as is supposed to
be by changes in bug
which is included in 2.24. But I do not know what's your version yet. If
it doesn't work for you in 2.24, please refer to the above bug. Thanks.

With respect to custom expression, I'm not sure at the moment, probably
something like
(contains "category_list" "MYCATEGORY")
you can use also 'is' instead of 'contains'. There is also a 'not' with
syntax (not EXP) where EXP is the same as above (with brackets).

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