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Ok, I successfully created a "new category" and it did finally showed up
in the drop down list after restarting Evo. 
(should not need to do that).

The goal here was to pull out of ldap directory only those with the
"new category".

When I try that is fails to pull anything from ldap.

So I tryed the advance search feature.
The "new category" does not show up in the advanced search drop down
list?  -  when I try to use it in an advanced search.

So, I came up with this silly work around.
I have been able accomplish my goal by setting the key word "all" in the
Notes attribute of every single contact - then I can see a complete list
of Ldap and sort out my contacts using the Show Contacts feature and
selecting the "new category". 

** There has to be a better way to see only contacts with my "new
category" in one move. 

So I wonder?

     1. Is there a way to set a global to pull all contacts from my ldap
        directory? If so I could then sort by my "new category".
     2. Can I write an expression to pull contacts from ldap contacts
        with "new category" in them?

Suggestions and/or  examples please.


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On Fri, 2008-11-28 at 10:20 -0500, steven sprague wrote:
My issue is that new categories do not show up in the Evo's drop down
list for the easy sorting of contacts.
        1. How can I create new ones, make them visible(for sorting)?
        2. How can I attach/create icons for them?
        3. Is there a source of additional icons for the creation of new

you can add new categories only in Categories dialog, which is available
after you push "Categories" button in the Contact Editor, it's on the
left of the entry you type your categories. If you add there new
categories, with New, or modify them, by Edit, button, then they should
be shown in the Show drop down in Contacts window. They should be shown
immediately when you add them, but in case they aren't, restart

There is some effort to allow autocompletion for categories, which will
include also "Create category" for new categories, which should make the
process easier. Not for icons, but that's no big deal.

I'm not aware of other icons delivered by evolution, but you can assign
almost any image to it, but it should be rather 16x16 size, not bigger.
    Hope that helps,

P.S.: Maybe I didn't get the question right? I'm not sure now...

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