Re: [Evolution] Signature by default only when composing new mails

On Wed, 2008-08-27 at 10:49 +0200, Thomas Novin wrote:

I'm getting tired of always having to set signature to none on a reply,
because I only want my signature to appear automatically when I compose
a new mail.

Is there any way to configure this behavior? Shouldn't this be the

Personally I decided years ago that automatic signatures were lame, so I
just sign myself according to context. Just my opinion of course. It
would make sense to allow the default signature to be selectable in the
Composer Preferences, including 'none' as an option.

You could always request it as an enhancement in Bugzilla.

In a typical situation for me a mail thread can be maybe 10-15 replies
back and forth and if half of those are me, there is a whole lotta bytes
occupied in every mail with just my signature!

Especially given the number of lusers who can't even be bothered to edit
the quoted material when replying.


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