Re: [Evolution] evolution systray

Alltray didn't work for me in Kde4. I created a script start_evolution in ~/kde4/Autostart as below:

ksystraycmd --hidden --window "- Evolution" evolution &

This works fine for me.

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Date: Sun, 17 Aug 2008 13:57:04 -0430
From: Patrick O'Callaghan <poc usb ve>
Subject: Re: [Evolution] evolution systray
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On Sun, 2008-08-17 at 20:15 +0200, Patrick Ohly wrote:
> On Thu, 2008-08-14 at 12:10 -0400, tim wrote:
> > could you make it so when i close it the program still runs in the
> > systray?
> I'm doing that already by running Evolution via alltray. In addition,
> alltray brings up the window with CTRL F1:
>         alltray --key Control:F1 evolution

Nice. I'd never heard of that. It seems to work on KDE 4 as well :-)


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