Re: [Evolution] Special characters.

I call the script Xmodmap_assign.  You can call it Oswaldo if you wish.
It doesn't matter.  On KDE it is in ~/.kde/Autostart.  I think the gnome
equivalent is ~/Autostart.  You can also make it autostart in Gnome
using the Systems>Preferences>Session menu in the GUI.

On Thu, 2008-08-21 at 11:31 -0400, John R. Carter, Sr. wrote:
And where is this Autostart directory and what is the filename that  
contains the script?

On Aug 21, 2008, at 7:52 AM, Art Alexion wrote:

I use xmodmap to accomplish the same thing.  The following short  
is in my Autostart directory.


xmodmap -e "keysym Super_L = Multi_key"

This assigns the "Windows key" as the modifier.  To create Ã, I just
type (in sequence, not simultaneously) <win key> -> ' -> e.  Most of  
combos are intuitive, e.g., <win> -> o -> c gives you Â.  There are
references available throughout the web.

Art Alexion

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