Re: [Evolution] How can I merge my restored Evo mail with todays read mail ??

On Aug 19, 2008, at 2:38 PM, William Case wrote:

I had backed up Evo as of yesterday so when I restored I got back most
of my configuration of Evo, plus mail etc. but by doing so I have
eliminated a day's worth of mail.  Todays mail has been saved in a
separate rsync backup.  My ISP is a POP3, SMTP account.

Is there any way I can merge the rsync backup mail with the restored Evo

At this point in time, I don't even know where my mail messages are kept. If Evo is anything like Thunderbird, you'll have a folder with all your messages in it. There might also be a file that contains pointers or other record keeping on each folder. What I do in Thunderbird is to delete that record keeping folder and concatenate an old mail folder with a new one and restart Thunderbird.

or is there a way to retrieve a days worth of read mail from my

If Evo doesn't have information about that mail that is on the ISP stored in a record keeping file somewhere, it will think it is new mail and read it again.

Don't really know how Evo mail is stored, so this is only a guess.

Since you were able to rsync your Evo mail, maybe you can tell me where you found it?


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