Re: [Evolution] Mail import

On Mon, 2008-08-04 at 09:13 +0000, Clive Whelan wrote:

I'm new to Linux (Ubuntu). I took a look at Evolution which looked good. 
However I have been a user of Mozilla Thunderbird in Win XP and despite 
extensive searching I could not find any reasonable way to transfer all 
the existing stuff from Thunderbird. It seems that I'd have to do it on 
a file-by-file basis which in view of the fact that there are literally 
hunreds of "archived" messages  in Thunderbird, is quite impractical. I 
thought at leat that I'd be able to do it on a folder basis, but 
apparently not so?

If this really is the case, I will simply have to use the Linux version 
of Thunderbird, which I can see as a newbie would also be an adventure, 
but at least seems viable.  I'd be  grateful for advice on the 
correctness- or otherwise- of my conclusions, and/or recommendations 
from someone who has done the sort of thing that I'm aiming at.

Depends on your definition of "stuff". Transferring mail is reasonably
viable, contacts and calendars depend a lot on your current setup, and
filters are basically non-portable and have to be re-implemented.

You might find useful,
however the basic transfer of mail is easiest if you are already using
an IMAP server. In that case, mail that's already on the server can be
accessed directly from Evo, and local mail can be copied to a server
folder using Thunderbird and then copied back agin into Evo.

If you're not using an IMAP server, it's still easiest if you set up an
account on one (you can use Gmail though it's slightly non-standard).


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