[Evolution] Mail import


I'm new to Linux (Ubuntu). I took a look at Evolution which looked good. However I have been a user of Mozilla Thunderbird in Win XP and despite extensive searching I could not find any reasonable way to transfer all the existing stuff from Thunderbird. It seems that I'd have to do it on a file-by-file basis which in view of the fact that there are literally hunreds of "archived" messages in Thunderbird, is quite impractical. I thought at leat that I'd be able to do it on a folder basis, but apparently not so?

If this really is the case, I will simply have to use the Linux version of Thunderbird, which I can see as a newbie would also be an adventure, but at least seems viable. I'd be grateful for advice on the correctness- or otherwise- of my conclusions, and/or recommendations from someone who has done the sort of thing that I'm aiming at.



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