Re: [Evolution] "Group By Threads" with Groupwise Server

On Wed, 2008-04-30 at 14:04 +0100, Alexander Bergmann wrote:

I'm using Evolution 2.12.0 as a Groupwise client and have a Problem with
the "Group By Threads" option. Basically it is not working at all.

What I found out so far is that the "Message-Id" inside the mail header
has a strange format and nothing to do with the "References" or
"In-Reply-To" fields.

The "Message-Id" looks like the following:

Message-Id: <48187 X1 X1-4 104 1623277 1 2B8D 1 1:7 X1 X1-4 104 1 16>

When I use a Groupwise client, the "Message-Id" matches the "References"
and "In-Reply-To" fields and it can show the threads. I'm not 100% sure
how Evolution is trying to reference the thread relationship between
emails, but I just know that it is not working correctly.

The GroupWise server has certain issues and is not returning the correct
headers needed for Message Threading.

With GroupWise Bonsai, this has improved a lot. So, in few more months,
you should be able to see Threading in Evolution GroupWise in the proper
way and correctly.

Best regards,

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