Re: [Evolution] Arbitrary "from" addresses?

On Tue, 2008-04-15 at 09:48 -0600, Brett Johnson wrote:
This has been discussed several times, but I guess the devs don't use
this kind of scheme themselves, and there hasn't been enough noise
made about it to bump implementing it up the priority list.  Maybe an
implementation patch sent to the list would have a positive effect :)

In my opinion, there should be an advanced button that lets you modify
any header and also add any arbitrary header to email.

I used to use special headers all the time when I used Emacs VM as my
mail client; in particular I used headers like "Resent-To:" to correct
any stupid mistakes I made sending out mail to a list of people.

It irks me that I don't have control over mail headers in Evo.

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