Re: [Evolution] problems with coolkey smart card and OWA account

I wanted to add, under certificates, it shows all the certificates
from the smart card, just as it does in firefox.  why is
authentication then failing when it works with the same user/pass in

On 10/14/07, John H. <mistamaila gmail com> wrote:
1.I can use evolution to check regular OWA accounts
2.I can check OWA with coolkey with firefox at
3.I CANNOT check the site with OWA support in evolution.

Evolution prompts me for my PIN, as I seem to have coolkey being used
by it, when I click "preferences" in evolution.  I then go to add a
new OWA account, but when I click "authenticate," despite putting the
same user/pass from firefox, it says invalid user/pass.

What to do?  I know that in firefox if I allow it to prompt me, there
are two certificates on the smart card(only one works), is perhaps
evolution choosing that one on accident?  Can I get evolution to
prompt which cert I want to use?

This is an F7 machine.

Thanks for help

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