[Evolution] evo download filter on email size


can anyway tell me if evolution has a download size filter like kmail or thunderbird (to prevent downloading of large emails)?
I am a gnome dial up user and I need to be able to selectively download larger emails.

I found the size filter in"Edit - Message Filters - Add" but this mail size filter here only applies to email already downloaded to the pc. Then you can apply filter rules based on size....

Does anybody know of a tool or a plugin for Evo to get some kind of server side filtering on email sizes? I enjoy Gnome, but this email filtering on size is really a cool feature from the KDE side (or in a less sophisticated way in thunderbird) that i really miss!   Thunderbird is an option, but I would prefer a native GTK option... also because evo integrates nicely into gnome. And I really like the vertical pane layout in Evo.

Any change this is a  feature that will happen soon in evo?

Your help is greatly appreciated,


Maseru, Lesotho

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