[Evolution] A bug and a workaround for Evo not providing an "open" option for attachments

I'm using Evo 2.8.0. I got a "WAV" attachment, and there was no option
to open it directly, like Thunderbird offered.

This is due to a bug in this version of Evo, which does not follow the
MIME standard that mime-types should be case-insensitive. The attachment
I got had a MIME type of "audio/x-WAV". Evo should have recognized that
this was the same as "audio/x-wav", but it did not.

( For reference:
  "Matching of media type and subtype is ALWAYS case-insensitive" )

The workaround, at least on Mandriva Linux 2007, was to edit


I found that line that said:


I added another line below it:


Then (after perhaps a restart of Evo), it offered me the option to open
the wav file with Totem, as I wanted.


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