Re: [Evolution] 2.8.1 problem

On Mon, 2007-03-12 at 12:47 -0400, Steve Greenfield wrote:
I am running an older version on Evolution on my desktop machine,
version 2.0.2, which runs under Redhat WS Rel4.  On the older
version I setup a spool account called SavedMail.  These are the

     Server Type:     Standard Unix mbox spool or directory

     Path:            /home/<userid>/Mail

This Mail directory contains numerous subdirectories where I store
saved mail based on topic, person, location, etc.

On my laptop I want to duplicate the same under Evolution 2.8.1
running on Ubuntu Linux 6.10 - the Edgy Eft.  When I go into the
Edit menu and select Preferences I get the option to add new spool
account.  Seems pretty much identical.  I select Add to start the
definition then select the same Server Type of "Standard Unix mbox
or directory".  Under Configuration I select Path and this is where
the trouble begins.  All I want is to pick the same Path as
above, /home/<userid>/Mail where I have 500MB of directories and
files I transferred from my desktop.  I type in the path and all it
wants is for me to open the subdirectories.  What is wrong?  Do I
have to select an empty directory and then move my data into it?  I
tried this with no success!

It sounds like you're hitting a known bug [1].

The workaround is to open Configuration Editor and navigate to


Then edit the "accounts" key.  This is fairly painful because GConf
isn't really suited for XML data, but with the help of a text editor to
cut-and-paste into, you should see where the data needs to be modified.
I believe the path should reside in a "uri" or "relative_uri" XML tag.

Matthew Barnes


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