[Evolution] 2.8.1 problem

I am running an older version on Evolution on my desktop machine,
version 2.0.2, which runs under Redhat WS Rel4.  On the older
version I setup a spool account called SavedMail.  These are the

     Server Type:     Standard Unix mbox spool or directory

     Path:            /home/<userid>/Mail

This Mail directory contains numerous subdirectories where I store
saved mail based on topic, person, location, etc.

On my laptop I want to duplicate the same under Evolution 2.8.1
running on Ubuntu Linux 6.10 - the Edgy Eft.  When I go into the
Edit menu and select Preferences I get the option to add new spool
account.  Seems pretty much identical.  I select Add to start the
definition then select the same Server Type of "Standard Unix mbox
or directory".  Under Configuration I select Path and this is where
the trouble begins.  All I want is to pick the same Path as
above, /home/<userid>/Mail where I have 500MB of directories and
files I transferred from my desktop.  I type in the path and all it
wants is for me to open the subdirectories.  What is wrong?  Do I
have to select an empty directory and then move my data into it?  I
tried this with no success!


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