Re: [Evolution] Evolution + bedework + caldav


Pete Biggs wrote:
I'd be happy to work with someone on bedework caldav issues as regards

I just tried the version I have on my laptop (fedora core 5 + evolution
2.6.3) and - apart from the timezones being out of date (guess I need to
updat my laptop) I was able to create a couple of events and see them via the web interface.

I was using the latest version of bedework in the svn trunk, 3.3.1
preview + extra fixes, mostly caldav as it happens.

I've got Bedework 3.3.1 running, but I can't get it to talk any sort of
CalDAV to Evo 2.6.3 or Evo 2.8.3 or indeed to Sunbird.  The web
interface works fine (ish).  What sort of CalDAV url do you use?  I've
been trying things along the lines of

Is that the correct form?


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