[Evolution] Evolution connector freezes on delete

Title: Evolution connector freezes on delete


I recently upgraded my machine. I was running Evolution 2.4 on Fedora Core 4 and we use OWA to link2exchange.com for mail, etc. Since that installation was fairly old, I installed Fedora 7 and with it, Evolution 2.10, and now evolution seems to lock up whenever I try to delete a message on the server.

To be more specific, I start evolution. It does the usual startup (checks for new mail, scans for changed messages, etc.). I can select and view messages just fine. If I try to delete a message on the server (say, in the Inbox), the icon for the delete button shows it "pushed" and then nothing happens.

Attempting to debug a little, I found that if I kill the evolution-exchange-storage process when this happens, then evolution (the gui) recovers, saying something like "lost connection to server." Going a little further, I tried attaching gdb to the evolution-exchange-storage process to get a backtrace when it's frozen. See attached.

What else can I tell you?

Thanks for any help.


Attachment: evo-exch-stor.log
Description: evo-exch-stor.log

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