[Evolution] Can't find new users on LDAP (cached?)


I have Evolution 2.8.0 with an address book that points to our internal
LDAP server (I guess it's OpenLDAP 2.0.27), and marked as
auto-completion. When I compose a new message, and type the first 3
letters of a name, I can see the list of available addresses, select
one, and send a message to it.

The problem is that new users who joined the company after I fist
connected to the LDAP server will never show up. In fact, they don't
show up on the composer window when typing their names on the "To" or
"CC" field, but they do show up if I go into the address book and run a
search for them. Even after searching, they still don't show on the
compose window.

What could be happening? Any kind of cache?

I have already removed the address book and added again, no luck.
Cleaning profile does not work either. Thunderbird on the same machine
works fine.

Any help will be much appreciated, thanks.

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NOTE: This is my personal e-mail account. I do NOT use
it to speak for my employer or any of my co-workers.

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