Re: [Evolution] [Fwd: Re: Evolution-Connector W/ Exchange 2007]

On Thu, 2007-06-21 at 08:54 -0600, Veerapuram Varadhan wrote:

2.11.5 will be one of the rock-solid releases in the history of
Evolution-exchange connector.  If you are not an user of Exchange 2007
and have issues, feel free to direct to us.  I think Reid and others
would agree to me on this - we will work on the issue and resolve it.

I'm all for anything that makes the system more stable.  I don't use shared folders or shared calendars (just free/busy to schedule meetings), and foverall Evo works well.  I don't want to whine too much because I well remember the Evo 1.4 days and how buggy the connector was back then, and life has improved dramatically since then!

But, there ARE still serious problems in Evo/Connector (I'm using 2.10.1 on Ubuntu Feisty):

436628: No reminders for scheduled meetings
This is probably the worst one.  The main reason I moved to Evo was to get reminders for my meetings.  I still regularly am late to or completely miss a meeting or two a week because of this (I missed two meetings just today!!)

442098: New mail shows up in the folder but not in the summary window
This one is a killer for productivity.  If it weren't for the fact that it only happens on my system at home and not my work system I'd be tearing my hair out.  I literally have to restart Evo every 15 minutes or so to see my new mail when I'm at home.

442186: Delete of the first Exchange message after Evo starts takes ~30 seconds
This is just a small thing but (combined with 442098 which causes me to stop/start Evo many times a day) it's quite annoying.

436615: Editing existing meetings with Address Book deletes all attendees
This is truly annoying; I only rate it lower because if you're paying attention you can usually avoid the problem (by not using the Address Book).

436619: Adding a meeting room as "Resource" gives "unable to book"
This is another annoying one but once you know the trick you can work around it so it's not as important.

Here's the thing: these bugs have all been filed for weeks, and yet there has not been a single note filed, request for more info, or any other indication anyone even knows they exist.  I often see people on this list ask if a bug has been filed in Bugzilla but I don't see much incentive for anyone to do so: to me it seems like the only way an issue gets much traction is to raise it here rather than Bugzilla.

Just my $0.02.

BTW, is it possible to run Evo 2.11 without installing all of Gnome 2.19?  In other words, can I build Evo (even if I use garnome and build all of gnome and install it in a separate location) but then just run Evo 2.11 with my Feisty Gnome 2.18.1 desktop?  Or does Evo depend on some features only available in Gnome 2.19?

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