Re: [Evolution] Offline Evolution switched online when NIC changes

On 6/17/07, Steinar Bang <sb dod no> wrote:

So I'll ask here:
 1. is this expected behaviour of Evolution 2.10.1?
 2. if this is not expected behaviour, is this a known bug with
    upstream Evolution?
 3. if this is a known bug, is there a fix upstream?
 4. if this isn't a known bug, should I file it with the gnome
    bugzilla?  Does it belong on evolution or evolution-exchange?

Evolution listens to the network manager signals to
change its network state suitably.

In this case when the network switches its assumed
that the previous offline state was for network unavailibilty
and hence is a redundant state.

If evolution was put into offline state by a user then
nm signals should be ignored.

Is a similar bug. You can file it if you want to,
I will try to work on a fix when i have some time.


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