Re: [Evolution] Junk mail

On Mon, 2007-06-11 at 08:27 -0400, Patrick M. Kelecy wrote:

Thanks for the suggestion.  Yes, that would work.  I looked at options
for creating rules (I assume this is how I do it) but didn't see one
that specifically targeted junk mail.  How did you set this up?

In general,it would be nice if future versions added some options in the
mail preferences (junk tab) for doing stuff like this (delete on closing
or delete after a certain time period, etc).


Which version are you on?
Which OS are you on?
I'm not sure at which version it was added, but I know that current svn
has a preferences checkbox/dropdown list option to auto-delete junk
mails on exit at every exit/daily/weekly/monthly.

Edit/Preferences/Mail Preferences/Junk tab

I've found that building from svn is not too difficult.

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