[Evolution] HELO command failed

Dear all,

I get this debug message:

sending : EHLO []
received: 553 Email was rejected by 35 AntiSpam System, id=mail.mail71.cn4e.com.2839.1181287303
CamelException.setv(0x848128c, 2, 'HELO 命令失败: 动作请求未发生:不允许的邮件箱名称')
sending : HELO []
received: (null)
CamelException.setv(0x848128c, 2, 'HELO 命令失败: Operation now in progress')

and the evolution report the "HELO command faild", it looks like my smtp server drop the connection when the evolution send a HELO with IP instead of FQDN. so, i strip the comments and blank lines from the /etc/hosts than looks like this:       steve.lvup.in   steve   localhost       steve    steve.lvup.in

but the evolution still use the ip address in HELO. I do not understand this behavior, any help?

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