[Evolution] Fw: Re:Re: HELO command failed (by stevegy 126 com)

thank you for the reply and sorry for the characters, if you can not read the Chinese GBK encoding in the email client, so you can just ignore the mess characters.
actually, my question is the evolution send the HELO command with an IP address, but my ISP email server has some anti-spam software to block this. so, i want to know how can i avoid the evolution to send the ip address in HELO. i dig the google and find some piece of information means that if the evolution can not decide the host name and then send the ip address. so i post the /etc/hosts file. and test the gethostname() function in this piece of code:
int main(int argc, char **argv)
struct hostent *hptr;
char **pptr;
char hostname[100];
char str[200];

if( gethostname(hostname,sizeof(hostname)) )
printf("gethostname calling error\n");
return 1;
printf("localhost name:%s\n",hostname);
but the test code output the correct host name. hope for your sugguestion. Thank you.

在2007-06-09,"Mark Hull-Richter" <mhullrich gmail com> 写道: Would you mind terribly posting in plain text so we can actually read this?

On 6/8/07, stevegy <stevegy 126 com> wrote:
> Dear all,
> I get this debug message:
> sending : EHLO []
> received: 553 Email was rejected by 35 AntiSpam System, id=mail.mail71.cn4e.com.2839.1181287303
> CamelException.setv(0x848128c, 2, 'HELO 命令失败: 动作请求未发生:不允许的邮件箱名称')
> sending : HELO []
> received: (null)
> CamelException.setv(0x848128c, 2, 'HELO 命令失败: Operation now in progress')
> and the evolution report the "HELO command faild", it looks like my smtp server drop the connection when the evolution send a HELO with IP instead of FQDN. so, i strip the comments and blank lines from the /etc/hosts than looks like this:
> steve.lvup.in steve localhost
> steve
> steve.lvup.in
> but the evolution still use the ip address in HELO. I do not understand this behavior, any help?


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