Re: [Evolution] How to configure Newsgroups

The only info I was able to find when doing this was this article:

However, although I was able to set up this up successfully, when I
tried using it I found it very buggy.  Some newsgroups wouldn't always
update, and I couldn't find any way to tell it to, say, get the next 300
headers.  Also, the features for marking and tracking posts were very
limited (as far as I could tell).  I ended up replacing it with
Thunderbird in the end.

I wish Novell would get this fixed though.  I would really like to be
able to post to and monitor newsgroups in Evolution, rather than using a
separate application (it's the only thing I use Thunderbird for).

HTH,  -Pat  

Thanks for that link Pat, together with Shrinidi's post is is easy to follow.  I have managed to subscribe to 
an interesting support group.
Quite an 'Evolution' so to speak!  So far the email experience has been very good and I hope to get some 
experience with the newsgroups now. Fine business with Thunderbird which is my client on the 'other' system 
and a creditable fallback , if I need it.
Regards, Walter

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