Re: [Evolution] can not close evolution while it is pinging the IMAP server

Hi Srini,

I tried to do the following: I am connected via VPN and evolution is online. I disconnect VPN and click on "Send & Receive" in evolution. A window pops up telling me that evolution is looking for new messages on the IMAP server. But the window just sits there and nothing is happening. I guess this is similar to the "pinging the IMAP server" problem. When I click cancel in that window, the cancel button is grayed out but nothing happens, i.e. the window does not close. Even when I go back online with VPN, this does not change. It takes somewhere around 5 minutes or so for the window to finally close.


On Thu, 2007-06-07 at 00:00 +0530, Srinivasa Ragavan wrote:
You can click the Cancel toolbar button to cancel that.


On Wed, 2007-06-06 at 12:09 -0600, Nicolas Bock wrote:
>     hello list,
> I am running evolution 2.8.3. I connect to an IMAP server at work to
> get my email. When I am at home I can not directly contact the IMAP
> server since it is behind a firewall. I need to connect with VPN
> first. Sometimes VPN drops the connection and I get thrown back out of
> the firewall. The IMAP server becomes inaccessible. Sometimes
> evolution is doing something when this happens and it gets stuck in
> "pinging IMAP server" mode. Reconnecting via VPN does not help. I
> can't even quit evolution at this point and have to force quit it in
> gnome. Is this a known issue? Can I somehow prevent evolution from
> "pinging the IMAP server"?
> Thanks, nick
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