Re: [Evolution] can not close evolution while it is pinging the IMAP server

On Wed, 2007-06-06 at 12:09 -0600, Nicolas Bock wrote:
I am running evolution 2.8.3. I connect to an IMAP server at work to
get my email. When I am at home I can not directly contact the IMAP
server since it is behind a firewall. I need to connect with VPN
first. Sometimes VPN drops the connection and I get thrown back out of
the firewall. The IMAP server becomes inaccessible. Sometimes
evolution is doing something when this happens and it gets stuck in
"pinging IMAP server" mode. Reconnecting via VPN does not help. I
can't even quit evolution at this point and have to force quit it in
gnome. Is this a known issue? Can I somehow prevent evolution from
"pinging the IMAP server"?


If you let it go for a few minutes does it finally close on its own, or
is it permanently stuck?  My guess is that the application is just
waiting for a socket to timeout, which usually takes a minute or so.

Still, the Evolution developers went to great lengths to make sure
blocking I/O calls were cancelable.  Closing the application ought to
immediately cancel any such I/O operations.  So I'd say you have a
legitimate bug here.

I've seen this behavior myself while using a VPN, actually, though it
usually manages to close itself after a couple minutes.  So it *is* a
known issue.  Unfortunately I don't know of a workaround other than

        evolution --force-shutdown

from a terminal window, which is essentially the same as Force Quit.

If you can, you might also try upgrading to Evolution 2.10 and seeing if
the situation improves.

Matthew Barnes

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