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On 6/5/07, Walter <redhotwal yahoo co uk> wrote:
I have not found any help on setting up a 'Newsgroup' account but I
gather it is feasable by the correspondence.  I have located what I
think to be the confuration and I get a response 'loading' but nothing
seems to load.  I am missing some trick, any help would be appreciated.
This is the sequence I have tried:-

Edit; Preferences;Newsgroup folder; Protocol 'nntp'
Edit ; identity, email address (as at my ISP)
Receiving email ; server  username 'username' at my
Sending email ; SMTP server address of my ISP.

You need to subscribe to folders (groups). Go to Folder ->
Subscriptions and select the account name you just configured for
NNTP. Subscribe to which ever group you want to by selecting the
checkbox against its name.

Hope this helps.

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