Re: [Evolution] 3 questions

Thank you, Ãystein, for your reply.

1. How do I create a mailing list?

Let's say I have 20 e-mail addresses which I mail to regularly. And I
want to collect them all together under the name "ink-suppliers". So
every time I want to communicate with my ink suppliers, all I have to do
is click on "ink-suppliers", and the letter I am writing will be
addressed to all 20 ink-suppliers.

Add a Contact List called "Ink Suppliers" with the 20 addresses.

Where do you find the order to create a "Contact List". Under the
"Contact" section, I only see that one can give the order to make a "new
contact" i.e. an individual persons' contact info. By clicking on "new",
I do not see any opportunity for creating an address list with 20, 30,
or 40 addresses in it. Where does one find the command to create a
"Contact List"?

3. Why have all the icons changed to "x"?

In evolution, all the various options on the toolbar i.e.
"send/receive", "reply to all", "forward", "delete", "junk", have a an
icon above them. One day all these icons came to appear as a piece of
paper with a red x in the middle. I think it may have happened when the
computer froze one day and I had to power the computer down with
evolution still open. Ever since then, it has been like this. And not
only those icons, also the "inbox", "outbox", "sent", as well as the
"mail", "contacts", "calendars", "memos", and "tasks".

Any ideas as to how to correct this? Will I have to re-install the
program? If so, how do I do that without losing all my data?

Did you compile evolution yourself, or do you use a distro? Which
distro? Which version?

I am using Ubuntu 7.04, and I downloaded and installed evolution using
Ubuntu's "Add-Remove" facility.

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