Re: [Evolution] reinstalling XP and saving Linux info and mail

On Mon, 2007-06-04 at 10:18 +1000, David wrote:
I have a similar query to that raised by Jo Atallah.

I'm now running Evolution on 2 systems - v2.8.2-2 on Win XP SP2 and
v2.10.1 on Ubuntu 7.04

I've been previously caught by system failures that result in annoying
losses of data. In order not to lose emails, contacts, calendar events,
tasks, ..etc.. that I've already entered into Evolution I want to back
up the files that will enable me to do a complete re-load of my data if
a re-install of the OS ever becomes necessary. This applies particularly
to XP.

Can somebody please advise precisely which files need to be backed up,
and whether there is any particular procedure to follow when
re-introducing those backed up files to the re-installed Evolution.

Thanks in anticipation.

Hi, David.

This is documented in the FAQ (which is not, apparently, easy to find
unless you know where to look...)  The particular answer is here:


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