Re: [Evolution] 3 questions

On Sun, 2007-06-03 at 23:23 -0400, Dinbandhu wrote:

2. Why is all my incoming mail duplicated in the trash?

If I go to my trash bin in evolution, all the letters I have received
since I started using evolution three weeks ago, are there in the trash.
They are also located where I put them, in various folders. But there is
an identical copy in the trash (which I did not put there). So I am
afraid to empty the trash, for fear all my incoming mail I've received,
will be deleted.

It's important to understand three things:

1) Evo deletes a message by marking it. It only goes away when you
expunge the current folder (Folder->Expunge or Ctrl-E) or all folders
(File->Empty Trash).

2) Evo moves messages from one folder to another by copying them and
deleting the original, i.e. marking them for deletion. This happens both
for explicit moves by the user and automated moves by filters.

3) The Trash folder is a virtual folder (as is Junk), i.e. Trash is just
a way of viewing all the messages marked for deletion in all your
folders under the same account. The advantage of doing it like this is
that when you undelete a message it magically reappears where it was
before you deleted it. Note that "moving a message to Trash" and
"deleting a message" are exactly the same.

So the answer to your question is: the messages in your Trash are the
original ones in their original locations (usually Inbox), and they're
waiting for you to expunge them. The non-deleted versions you see in the
various folders are physically distinct copies and are not affected by

In other words, empty your trash periodically to save space. You can
also configure Evo to do this automatically when you close the session.


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