Re: [Evolution] Show number of messages contained in mail folders?

On Fri, 2007-06-01 at 11:04 -0400, Patrick M. Kelecy wrote:
Thanks the explanations.  I didn't realize Trash and Junk were virtual
folders.  It's not obvious to me why they need to be, but I suppose
Novell as some good reason for it.  It's not a major issue though, and I
can make do.

One could reasonably argue that those virtual (i.e. "search") folders
belong in the Search Folders section -- listed perhaps as
"<account-name> Junk" and "<account-name> Trash" with the appropriate
icons -- so as not to pollute the namespace for some types of accounts
that have real folders named Junk and Trash.

But that's an old battle.  It's been this way for ages.

Matthew Barnes

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