Re: [Evolution] spam filtering

On Fri, 2007-07-20 at 14:36 +0100, michael wrote:
I'm running Evolution 2.6.3 (recently upgraded). I originally thought
Evo (earlier version) wasn't filtering spam -- but it's just that it
took several 100 msgs to be marked as spam before spamassassin kicked

To see what's happening, you need to look in /var/log/ (etc)
any obvious error messages? any 'spamd' (or 'spamc') messages???


Uff, isn't there any hack or some clever option to enable/disable to get
this running on my Fedora Core 6 desktop with Evolution 2.8.3 ?

Wait a minute you have 2.6.3? or is it a typo?

I tried just for test running:
# yum update evolution --enablerepo=development

and got 20 screens of dependencies and needed upgrades :) that would
kill my machine I could bet it would.

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