Re: [Evolution] Connecting to Communigate Pro - maybe a problem with @ in username?

Hi Chenthill

Thanks a lot, that works! But the calendar is read only then, any chance to write to it?

And while doing this, I found an amazing number of bugs in the GUI. Any idea which ones it is worth filing?

The caldav: URL gets mangled up in certain situations (not sure when exactly).

Changing the webdav: URL is only effective after a restart of Evolution.

Using URL quotes (ala %40) does not seem to work. I could get neither a @ nor a % to work.

URL quotes are removed (!) when you reopen the configuration dialog of the calendar. Try %25, and see how it becomes just %.

I noticed that several fields are shown as text edit fields, although they are read only. This is for example the time zone in preferences, or the details of an event in a read only calendar. I find this highly confusing.

If these are known bugs, or they are going to be fixed soon, I can live with it. Otherwise I would go and file them.


On 7/13/07, Chenthill <pchenthill novell com> wrote:
Hi Thomas,
        You need to select the "On The web" as the calendar type while creating
with the option "Secure connection" set.

Currently the authenticated web calendars are not supported. If you need
to authenticate for accessing the calendar, alternatively you can do the

Provide the url of the form:

- chenthill.
On Thu, 2007-07-12 at 17:05 +0100, Thomas Steffen wrote:
> Hi
> I am desperately trying to connect evolution to our Communigate Pro
> server, but it does not work. I know that the server works, because
> kmail can access it just fine with this url:
> , asking
> nicely for username (which is user domain) and password.
> Now Evolution does not support a calender with https:, but I thought
> that caldav://server/CalendarData/Calendar.ics would do the trick. It
> does connect to the right port, but then I get the following error
> message:
> (evolution-2.10:6089): calendar-gui-WARNING **: Unable to load the
> calendar Authentication required
> I assume that the server needs something that Evolution does not
> support (yet)? I found an old message that says https authentication
> is not supported in version 2.2, and planned for 2.4. So should this
> work now?
> I also had some trouble whether Evolution would put random fragments
> of the domain in the url, such as
> caldav://domain domain@domain server/CalendarData/Calendar.ics. This
> resulted in the error message:
> (evolution-2.10:4518): calendar-gui-WARNING **: Unable to load the
> calendar Unknown error
> I am not sure whether this is connected, and the error message is
> certainly as unhelpful as possible.
> This is with Evolution 2.10.1 on an up to date Ubunt 7.04/i386. Any
> idea what to do? Maybe an https-proxy? And is there an easy way to
> capture https connection?
> Yours,
> Thomas
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