Re: [Evolution] Upgrading from 1.4 (maildir) to 2.x


On Wed, 2007-01-10 at 11:03 +0100, Andrew wrote:
I use Evolution 1.4 with maildir storage format, because I have an account
with more than 2GB of mails. I would like to upgrade to 2.2 (bundled with
Mandriva 2006). If I migrating with Evolution 2.2, it hangs after reaching
2GB mbox file limit.

(The file size limit is imposed by the underlying filesystem)

How can I upgrade to 2.x version? Can I set somewhere to use maildir local
storage format when migrating?

Yes, you can. When creating an account in Evolution, select
"Maildir-format mail directories" in the "Receiving Email" page and
select the desired maildir from your disk. :)

Hope this helps.

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