Re: [Evolution] [Evolution-hackers] Requests

When I write a mail, I want to write more than one address (per hand),
which is not in my addressbook. I am used to it from thunderbird and
it should not be a big deal.

i don't get the point here. what *exactly* are you used to, what are you

I want to write one ore more emailaddresses per keyboard. One is
possible in evolution but not more than one.

I too am not sure what your point is - I never use the address book to
fill the "To:" field, but I manage to get lots of addresses in there.
All I do is type 

   x y com, b z com, a w com

Perhaps you are talking about the thunderbird way that after you type in
an address you press 'return' and another "To:" line appears underneath?
To me that is a totally counter-intuitive way of doing things - in email
all the "To:" recipients appear in one line, not on multiple lines.

And if you have that, it would also be nice if evolution would have an
auto completion for emailaddresses, like in thunderbird.

err it does.  Edit -> Preferences -> Autocompletion and then tick the
addressbooks you want to use for autocompletion.


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