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Am Donnerstag, den 04.01.2007, 05:40 +0100 schrieb Andre Klapper:
hi bjÃrn,

hello again,

fur future reference, please post this to the evolution users list at
this list is for code discussion only.

@evo hackers: adding a meaningful description for both evolution-list
and evolution-hackers list at
could be useful, heh? harish? ;-)

Am Mittwoch, den 03.01.2007, 15:14 +0100 schrieb BjÃrn Fay:
1. Don't load attachments by default. Load them if I click on them, this
saves bandwith.

if just all servers would understand this... ;-)

then make it an option. At least Courier and Cyrus understand it, I've
worked with both and thunderbird.

2. It's good to be able to modify the view of the mailfolder, but it
would be even better if I could change the view at once for many
folders, without clicking on each and select the saved view. Or make the
default changeable.

iirc, this is already filed as a feature request in

O.k. sorry for that.

The temporary file to open an attachment should be saved with read/write
access not read only.

no, definitely not, because evo would save a file in evolution's temp
folder when clicking on the save button of the external application the
attachment was opened with, so the user will never find that changed
file again. read-only mode was done by purpose, and it's good to have.

There's nothing to loose. I don't want to find this file again, but I
want to edit it and than perhaps copy & paste to another program. In my
case it's an OpenOffice spreadsheet, where I am not able to sort the
data in a read only document. O.k. this is more or less a "bug" in
OpenOffice, but perhaps there are other applications which behave
similar. And again: in thunderbird it is done that way.

When I write a mail, I want to write more than one address (per hand),
which is not in my addressbook. I am used to it from thunderbird and
it should not be a big deal.

i don't get the point here. what *exactly* are you used to, what are you

I want to write one ore more emailaddresses per keyboard. One is
possible in evolution but not more than one. The only way, as far as I
can see is to add the addresses to the addressbook and then select them
in the dialog which appears when I'm clicking on "to:". But I don't want
to add every address to my addressbook. That's perhaps a bit
counterintuitive but if you often write to more than one person, which
you don't want in your addressbook, because you probably don't write to
them again, that's exactly what you want.
And if you have that, it would also be nice if evolution would have an
auto completion for emailaddresses, like in thunderbird.

Please don't misunderstand me, I really like evolution but perhaps you
should have a look at thunderbird and take the good ideas from it.

There is an option for export an calendar via SSH. Why not make an
entier SSH-calendar, so you could have an easy
light-weight-calendar-server. Could not be so difficult, I think.

please not. evolution is not a server application, but a client. just
use server applications if you need server applications, or use
CalDAV... :-)

Ah..., little misunderstanding I think. I don't want evolution to be a
SSH-server, just a client. Not only export a calendar but also import it
like a web-calendar. It's just like a local calendar but the file
resists on a SSH-server instead of the local filesystem.
As far as I have found CalDAV is not very wide spread, but I will try
with Citadel and GroupDAV.

A greater wish would be an interface for eGroupware, perhaps per SyncML
or so. There are external programs already, but it's still a bit

yes, there's an syncml plugin available, as far as i know - it is
possible already. what's exactly "complicated" here?

As far as I have found, there is only an old version of multisync with
syncml-plugin with a nice gui, which took a while for me to catch that I
need an old version and not a new one. Then there is a cli version of a
tool for syncing evolution with syncml. But as far as I know there is no
support from inside evolution. But as said above I will try citadel with
GroupDAV. Perhaps that works.


Thaks and best regards

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