Re: [Evolution] email navigation using arrow keys, PageUp or PageDown keys


It does not matter which window is focused, this is what I noticed with the 
kmail program in kde and I find it useful while navigating/reading emails.
However, when the folder window (on the right) is focused and you want to 
navigate in that area with keyboard only, you have to press the Alt+Arrow 
Up/Down key to move from one folder (example: inbox, sent, trash, etc.) to 

Just keep the already implemented shortcuts as long as it does not conflict 
with the new suggested shorcuts. The "space bar" for example when you want 
the message body to scroll up, also implemented the same in kde except for 
the "backspace" shortcut.

This is not to suggest to copy what's already in kde but to pick those that 
will improve usability for evolution. I've tried using other mail 
applications like netscape mail, opera, thunderbird and evolution but these 
programs lack the useful shortcuts I suggested. 

I'm using ubuntu this time with GNOME desktop at my home computer and mepis 
with kde desktop in my office computer.  For my home computer,  I still keep 
kmail for I find it better than other mail programs available because I can 
navigate my emails easily without touching the mouse. However, I don't like 
running kmail with GNOME desktop for there are other processes that will also 
be running when using kmail but unnecessary for other GNOME applications.

I'm glad you replied to my email, I thought no one noticed my suggestion 
posted on the mailing list, that's why I just unsubcribed this morning.


On Thursday 04 January 2007 20:49, Calum Benson wrote:
On 20 Dec 2006, at 01:39, Vernie Gloria wrote:

I will find evolution much more intuitive when the following
navigation keys
be implemented as part of email navigation:

When which window is focused (the message list, I guess)?  And what
do you suggest as alternative shortcuts for the functions that some
of your proposed shortcuts already perform?


arrow up - move the body of the email one line up
arrow down - move the body of the email one line down

PageUp - move the body of the email a page up or several lines up
depending on
the size of the window.
PageDown - move the body of the email a page down or several lines
depending on the size of the window.

left arrow - move to previous email
right arrow - move to next email

These may not be a development priority but it will surely improve
of evolution email program using keyboard keys.


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