[Evolution] Bug report ...

Greetings everyone.


I tried to submit this bug report in various ways but have been unsuccessful. Please accept it though this communications channel.



Summary of issue: Evolution no longer automatically saves "drafts"

Steps to reproduce:

1. Open evolution.
2. Select an existing, received email.
3. Click "Reply" on the tool bar.
4. Type some text in as if you were replying to that email.
5. Optionally wait for up to 10 minutes (we tried various wait times to give the program time to do an autosave)
6. Kill evolution using the command line "evolution --force-shutdown"
7. Open evolution again.
8. Note that the dialog that used to appear indicating that there were unsaved drafts of one or more emails found and offering to recover them for you does not appear as it used to do (at least, up until Fedora core 4).

This is a very important feature in our minds. We rely on this feature to ensure that any emails which we have open and in progress are automatically saved for us and the option to recover those emails presented to us when the program restarts. We have many power failures where our business is and this feature is very valuable to us.

If there is a command-line option that we can use to turn this feature back on, or if there is a setting in the preferences which I am missing (I did look quite carefully for one without success) please let me know. Otherwise, please log this as a bug as it is, in our opinion, a regression from previous functionality.


Peter Pavlovich

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