[Evolution] Syncing Evolution 2.8, Exchange and Win Mobile PDA calendars

Hi All,

I have been using Evolution on a Mandriva 2007.0 system for a few months now, without problem.  Recently I installed a Windows 2003 SBS server with Exchange, and hooked up the Evolution Exchange connector.  This works fantastically between my Mandriva Linux laptop, and the Exchange server.  But when I sync my Win Mobile 5 HP iPaq with the Exchange server, calendar appointments that were created in Evolution do not appear on the PDA.  I can see all of my contacts, tasks and appointments in Outlook, Evolution, Outlook web access,etc.  And any contact, task or email changes sync to the PDA without problem.  If I create an appointment in either Outlook or Outlook Web Access, it appears in both Evo and on the PDA.  And any appointments created directly on the PDA appear correctly on all desktop clients including Evo.  It's only appointments created in Evo, that wont appear on the PDA.

Have I got something configured incorrectly?

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