[Evolution] Help compiling evo please?

Hi guys,
     I am  confused compiling evo 2.9.4. I need to get ldap with ntlm.
I am on Fedora 6, using 
configure --with-openldap=/usr/lib/evolution-openldap --with-static-ldap
which is what is in the spec file for the rpms,  and should pick up
Fedora's modified ldap with ntlm. 
  It doesn't, because there is no libldap.la
in /usr/lib/evolution-openldap/lib, and configure fails to compile
ldap_open due to missing libraries. I got around this by writing one
by hand, but I remain perplexed. How come this file is not needed if I
compile from the system openldap, i.e.: --with-openldap=/usr/

   I think I just made a horrid kludge, and I don't see why I had to.


Getting ldap from the main tree is worse - no ntlm in there at all!

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