[Evolution] EDS suitable for an alarm clock?


I've just recently released the first couple of versions of my Alarm
Clock Applet [1]. I have plans to add support for multiple alarms,
snooze and repeated alarms. I realize that all or most of these features
are already supported by Evolution and are (I think) accessible through

Thus I wondered - would it be feasible to use EDS as the alarm clock
backend? I was thinking it might set up a separate (hidden?) calendar
for the alarms and receive notifications from EDS whenever an alarm is
triggered. Is this possible at all? Is it a good idea?

I've searched around the web for some proper documentation on EDS, but
the only page I've found [2] is mostly about the architecture of the
system. It doesn't provide any library reference docs as on
library.gnome.org. Neither any client code examples. Does anyone know if
there exists some client-code docs / examples for dealing with the
evolution calendar through EDS? Especially managing calendars, setting
up events and notifications.

Any input would be greatly appreciated! :)

Best regards,

Johannes H. Jensen

[1] http://joh.deworks.net/blog/?page_id=58
[2] http://www.go-evolution.org/EDS_Architecture

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