Re: [Evolution] Problem upgrading evince on SuSE 10.2

On Mon, 2007-12-17 at 17:21 -0800, Des Dougan wrote:
On Mon, 2007-12-17 at 12:36 +0900, Murray Trainer wrote:

This is still an issue for me - I can't find any solutions.  I can't see
the point of having a newer stable release of Evolution for Suse 10.2 if
there are unresolvable dependency issues with KDE apps.  I can't really
give our users Evolution if the print-preview is broken.



I had a problem like this a month or so back. I wasn't upgrading Evo,
just trying to keep up to date with SuSE updates, and had the
libpoppler/evince dependency issue. As I didn't want to mess about with
it, given it was my standard SuSE, I left it for a few days hoping the
SuSE people would resolve it. This is what happened for me. FYI, my
evince and poppler versions are:

des-toshiba:~ # rpm -qa |grep evince
des-toshiba:~ # rpm -qa |grep libpoppler
des-toshiba:~ # rpm -qa |grep poppler

Not sure if this helps you any...

Hi Des,

I have the same evince and poppler rpm's as you listed above.  Did you
get around the problem or is your print preview in Evolution broken like



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