Re: [Evolution] recovery password

On Dec 17, 2007 3:23 PM, parided tiscali it <parided tiscali it> wrote:
Hi, i use debian Lenny (testing) and have export my settings and
password from evolution-2.10 2.10.3 in one xml file.
My procedure in details:

gconftool-2 --shutdown
evolution --force-shutdown
gconftool-2 --dump /apps/evolution > evolution_setting.xml

unfortunately, i have lost my password for 5 account.
There are a way to recover this password from this xml file.
Normally, i restore this settings with:

No... the passwords are not stored in GConf

gconftool-2 --unload evolution_setting.xml
gconftool-2 --load evolution_setting.xml

but now do not function properly.

You could try copying the file ~/.gnome2_private/Evolution to recover your password(s).

-Suman Manjunath

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