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Subject: Re: [Evolution] message filters not working
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This bug has been fixed and patch has been committed to evolution
unstable/trunk branch and will be part of Evolution 2.22 but it is not
committed yet to stable branch(Evolution 2.12).

Bug reference in bgo

Committed revision

Well, I hope the Fedora folks will pull it in.  

I tried building from Reid Thompson's cool makefile and from the the
standard trees noted at the gnome site.  I had trouble with libgtkhtml
with each of them.  Might have to looks at Fedora 9's spec file to see
how they get around it.  

The note below about removing the two dirs for exchange did work, after
a second run at it.  I can live with that for now.  

- Akhil

On Fri, 2007-12-14 at 12:26 -0600, Ness, Todd wrote:
If you kill all processes, then
 rm -rf ~/.evolution/exchange ~/.evolution/mail/exchange 
the filters will work for that next invocation of evolution, or most of
that session anyway. I finally just started highlighting all messages
and typing ctrl-y which manually runs the filters.
You will never get any real answer or help as to why this is, at least I
have not seen anybody answer with a fix in the last 2 months of
monitoring this list.

Todd (who is sadly using his outlook client under VMware again)

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2.12.2 on Fedora 8 against Exchange

All message filters defined are failing to act.  I've tried removing and
recreating the filters, no luck.  

I've run in the foreground and with --debug on, no messages relevant.  

I'm stumped.  The filters worked properly in Fedora 7's version.  

Any ideas?  

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