Re: [Evolution] Junk mail option detects good mail as spam!!!

On 2007-12-10, 13:11 GMT, Narayanan S wrote:
Yes, i tried marking a couple of messages as "Not junk"? But 
still few good mails are still delivered to Junk. Is there any 
option available in evolution to whitelist specific domains/ 
user ids.

Evolution doesn't do any spam filtering on its own -- it just 
runs spamassasin or bogofilter (depending on which plugin is 
active) and then parses the results. Which means that if you have 
problems with your spam filtering, the easiest way how to fix it 
is to contact email list of the particular anti-spam program.

Take a look at your settings (Edit/Settings/Mail settings/Junk 
mail/Default junk plugin) which plugin is being used and then go 

The website for bogofilter is, the one 
for SpamAssasin is



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