[Evolution] Evolution progress for 2.22

Hello Everyone

I just released Evolution and friends for GNOME 2.21.3 and this has been
mostly a bug fixing release. Thanks a lot to Prasad and Suman for the
late-night sanity and tarball validation and also to our 'Patch-bot'
Milan and all the other contributors for your patches. 

Till now in 2.22 cycle, we have done
        * Google Calendar suppport
        * Support for external editors as composers
        * New Tango icons look
        * lots of bug fixes.

I'm hoping to get the following things for 2.22 cycle.

* Exchange Smartcard support (Mostly done and GAL is still pending)
* Non-Intrusive error reporting (Prototype patch is there, not started
* Matt's new-look composer

I have already announced that there is a lot of effort spent on
implementing MAPI based Exchange connector using OpenChange's libmapi.
I'm not sure, if that can make it to 2.22, since I still haven't got a
licensing clearance. Anyways, it can be available as a plugin for all
the 2.22 users by their packagers. 

We also had lots of discussion about Split/UAM on d-d-l. I'm thinking of
getting UAM at least done for 2.22. Just proposal are in place and
nothing started. I would update the progress as it happens.


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