Re: [Evolution] smtp config file

On Tue, 2007-04-17 at 16:54 -0400, Chris Murphy wrote:
Thanks for picking this up.  Tried your commands but with the
following errors:

First, no account's directory:

I couldn't find an accounts folder:
[clmurph chris mail]$ ls ~/.gconf/apps/evolution/mail/
composer  display  format  %gconf.xml  junk  message_window  prompts

pssst .... it is the %gconf.xml file ;)

So I tried it on the whole folder:
[clmurph chris .gconf]$ gconftool-2
--get /public/home/clmurph/.gconf/apps/evolution/mail/
Failed to get value for
`/public/home/clmurph/.gconf/apps/evolution/mail/': Bad key or
directory name: "/public/home/clmurph/.gconf/apps/evolution/mail/":
Can't have a period (.) right after a slash (/)

[clmurph chris .gconf]$ gconftool-2 --get apps/evolution/mail/
Failed to get value for `apps/evolution/mail/': Bad key or directory
name: "apps/evolution/mail/": Must begin with a slash (/)

As said, Must being with a slash

gconftool-2 --get /apps/evolution/mail/accounts

I've never used this before, any help would be appreciated.  I would
like to do this without moving the directory to a temp dir with no .'s
but maybe I'm missing something.

Ritesh Khadgaray wrote: 

On Tue, 2007-04-17 at 15:06 -0400, Chris Murphy wrote:
Hi everyone,

I have looked through the archives and done a couple dozen grep's in my 
home folder, but I can't find where evolution stores your account setup 
info.  What I want to do is change the smtp server for my entire company 
without having to log in as each individual user and change it.  If I 
could change it in a config file by scripting sed or something similar 
to switch it in each person's home that would be great.

This is saved as a gconf key, and is not searchable via grep due to
string substitution , i.e., & with &amp and like-wise .

The command-set below may help, and i have _not tested_ this .

gconftool-2 --get /apps/evolution/mail/accounts > /tmp/account_list
sed s/old_smtp/new_smtp/ account_list > account_list_modified
gconftool --unset /apps/evolution/mail/accounts
gconftool-2 --load < /tmp/account_list_modified

ps : on a additional note, i believe evolution has ldap backend for
settings .


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